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Form and Function

Giovanni Toto learned the academics of Interior Design at Ryerson University. However, he credits most of his actual training to QTK’s founder – his father. Starting out with his father, Giovanni worked on many traditional spaces. But his passion for modern style began with his exposure to European and Canadian design. When consulting with clients, he learns the client’s true preferences. From there, QTK begins the design process by intertwining form and function. Giovanni then meticulously continues with details and rigorous ideation. Because of this process, he is happiest when the collaborative ideas come to life.

With a Bachelor of Business Administration from Wilfred Laurier University, Daniel Toto uses his analytic training to ensure proper specifications and exact precision. In his words, inspecting things twice beforehand eliminates the number of times it needs to be executed. On the production line, QTK’s custom German engineered machinery complements his meticulous nature. At this stage, Daniel’s expertise comes into play. He knows the specific application procedures ensuring the proper finish for a spectrum of materials. He approaches everything methodically and shows pride when QTK overcomes constraints that result in a beautiful kitchen.



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